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Ruby cocktail ring- A showstopper

Grandness in jewelry is the chase of opulent and rich socialites. They love to embellish their neckline, fingers, hands, and ears with gigantic and sensational blings. Many Red Carpet starlets showcase their status and fashion through high impactful jewelry pieces that steal the show. Highly massive stones, when fitted in a ring design, are known as cocktail rings.

Cocktail rings are perfect to make a style statement in the horde of thousands. With the center stone to be either a diamond or any other gemstone, they look stunning on any finger. And it becomes more passionate and exquisite when the ring contains the blush of ruby. It flaunts the most romantic and chic appearance. Whenever a lady walks the runway with this red immensity in her finger, there is an incredible amount of confidence in her gait.



The royal queens of the nineteenth century had many cocktail pieces in her jewel box. Until now, having a rock in the ring finger is a fad. One of my colleagues bought a round ruby and diamond cocktail ring from Angara online store as she enjoys wearing both her and her husband’s birthstones in a single chunk. White and red combination looks quite alluring in apparels, and so does it in jewelry. The glow of ruby goes spectacularly well with the sparkle of diamonds. A hefty red rock as the center stone is breathtaking when surrounded with dainty contour of diamonds in a halo pattern.

victoria-beckhams ruby ring

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One of the majestic ruby and diamond cocktail rings was seen in the finger of the lucky lady, Victoria Beckham. It is again a queenly mix of reds and whites in a halo style. Whether a gift to celebrate her birthday or ask for a marriage proposal, the richness of ruby and the dazzle of diamonds are wonderfully flaunted in this kind of ring design.

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