Tips to Shop Safe This Holiday Season

Another holiday season is here and you must be ready to take the best out of all the mega shopping events. If you have planned shopping jewelry online, beware of the scammers lurking with bogus websites to empty your vaults. Check out the following tips to help you shop your precious jewelry safe this holiday season.

Look for Secure Pages
Before you enter your credit card details, check if the link is secure. Look whether the page has secure https://. Normally, a website opens in http:// that is easy to hack. Most authentic online jewelry stores have URL beginning with https:// for payment page. Here the “s” stands for secure and denotes that the page is secure to share your credit information. When you click checkout, the URL changes to https:// that means now the page is safe to enter details. Many browsers like Mozilla also show a lock icon in the lower right corner to show the page is secure. Always remember to enter your card details on web pages that use SSL (secure sockets layer) security.

Carefully Open Links
Never click a link, rather type the URL to open the page. Phony e-mails in your inbox that offer enticing sales at recognize sites will land you on a scam site as soon as you click. So even if you think to check it, enter the URL in a new browser.

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Update Your Software
Make sure your operating system and antivirus software are up to date. They should have the latest security patches and other updates to ensure total protection against any malicious site, viruses and keyloggers. You antivirus should also have anti-phishing software to detect scams. In addition, use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. They are designed to protect against malicious activities and keep nasty sites at bay.

Strong Password Protection
Whether it is your wireless network, email account or credit card, choose longer passwords for all and change them frequently. Create passwords by combining different letters, symbols and numbers to ensure they are difficult to imagine.

Shop from Trusted Stores
With all those deals and discounts that could go as high as 80% Off, it gets very confusing and tough to identify which deal is worthy and true. In this case, it is better to shop only from trusted and authentic site. Before shopping check if the site is accredited by Better Business Bureau.

Follow these simple steps and carefully check the website before buying to ensure you are at a genuine and trusted store. Holidays are a perfect time to enjoy lucrative discounts and great deals but to make the most out of it, you have to act smart and safe.

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