Why is Black Friday Celebrated?

We all are well aware about the main attraction of the Black Friday and that is no other than ‘shopping’. We love to visit the markets and the malls and grab the things at flat discounts and in many cases we also happen to receive the free gifts. The latest online shoppers share the same experience as well and they love exploring various shopping portals and shop on this day to avail the maximum value of their money.


Black Friday Shopping

Amidst all this interesting shopping and fun, have we ever thought about why is actually this Black Friday celebrated and how did this practice of shopping on this day came into being?  For all the ones who have not pondered about it, let us discuss it in detail.

Black Friday is the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America.  The Thanksgiving Day comes on the fourth Thursday of November. As the festival season begins and Christmas is just a few days ahead of the Black Friday, it is considered the day to mark the Christmas shopping season. It has become a common practice for all the retailers to start off their promotional sales near Black Friday to get the good kick start for the holiday and festive shopping season.




In many places, the day is given off from work and people enjoy a two day holiday as Thanksgiving Day is already a holiday. It is interesting to know that the name Black Friday originated in Philadelphia, where actually it was used to describe the heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic that occurred there after Thanksgiving Day. Later on, another definition was given to the term which said that generally the retailers operated at financial loss from January to November and Black Friday was the day which turned their loss to profit. It marked their profit season as the holiday and festival shopping began from this day. Hence, to attract more of their customers, the retailers began to give high discounts and exciting freebees!

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