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Oval Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring


oval ruby and diamond three stone ring in 14k yellow gold sry0210r

This is a ring that presents a beautiful combination of style and sophistication. Ruby and diamonds is a classic pair. The bold red color of a ruby is perfect to add a touch of royalty and there is no better way to add bling than with two brilliant pieces of diamonds.

This three stone ring has an oval ruby as the center stone. The ruby at the center is prong set and is surrounded by a pear shaped diamond on each side. The three stones in the ring are symbolic of your most cherished journey with your loved one. A dazzling way to make the most special person in your life to fall in love with you all over again.

Three Stone Ruby Ring

Round Ruby and Diamond Three Stone RingEvery woman loves her jewelry for it makes her look beautiful. But, this one above would not only make her look beautiful but would also make feel loved. The three stone ring is no ordinary ring, it is an epitome of your past, present and future. Symbolic of your journey with that special one.

This three stone ruby and diamond ring has a deep red round ruby at the center which is surrounded by a lovely diamond on each side. A perfect combination of style and sophistication. Something that would compliment any outfit that it is worn with!

Three stone ruby ring is a perfect way to propose or when you want to tell her how much you love her.

They usually come in few variations. One would be, where all the three gems are same. Then, there is one such as this one where there a different center stone than the side stones. Another variation would be with all the three different stones.

You can play with the shape of the stone. Round, oval, princess however, is the most popular ones.

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