Color Me Red

“When in doubt, wear red”, well said by famous designer ‘Bill’ Blass, the red hue is very vibrant and alluring. It becomes more relevant when worn by women. It highlights their feminine qualities like love, care, romance and passion.

Be it be dress, accessories or jewelry, red color looks most fascinating and stylish. The best part is that it blends well and looks perfectly fit on females of all ages. It gives an instant make over to the personality and adds glamour to it.Ruby Jewelry

When we talk of jewelry, no other gem displays the perfect red as does Ruby! Its fiery red color has enchanted the mankind since ages and many celebrities have chosen it to be the token of their love. Besides, exhibiting the color of love, ruby is said to stimulate base chakra of a person and hence increasing vitality and life force energy.

Asians believe it to increase love when exchanged between the couple; this is the reason why Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg picked a ruby ring for his Asian American wife. Not only him, but there are many Royal ladies and Hollywood celebrities who wear ruby engagement rings.

 Priscilla Chan Engagement Ring

Not only rings, but earrings and pendants too are quite popular amongst people. Latest technology and online shopping have made it very easy for us to select and buy ruby jewelry for our loved ones. Click here if you want to explore a large world of ruby jewelry and bring charm to your personality.

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