Fashionable Bridal Dress

We’ve often heard many women complaining of never putting their bridal dress to use again. Most of them say that besides wedding day, they have never put it on again and that it is not fit to be worn on any other occasion.

Fashionable Bridal Dress

 This is a genuine concern and normally, we spend so much time, energy and money on wedding dress and it is sad to see it in cupboard, without any use. Talking along the same lines, we will discuss some ideas which will not only make the bridal dress fashionable, but also usable later on. Cannes Film Festival’s closing ceremony had lots of gowns, which can inspire us for fashionable wedding gowns. Let’s have a look.

1) Floral Design:

If we move a bit from wearing plain white dress and try adding floral concepts, then it is worth wearing later on in parties or other weddings. For idea, you can check what Georgina Chapman wore at Cannes Film Festival’s last day ceremony.

Georgina Chapman wore at Cannes Film Festival’s last day ceremony2) Change in Color:

Why just stick to white color when nature has given us wonderful rainbow colors. Izabel Goulart sets the perfect example for this. Check out her yellow colored gown, which makes her stand out of the crowd. You can experiment with other colors as well; bright or pastel, that will be your choice.

Izabel Goulart

3) Embellishments:

We added design to white dress, then we saw how change in color can add charm, and now let’s talk about adding some embellishments to the colored dress. The perfect example for this is the stunning dress worn by Shu Qi at the event.Her gown was a showstopper and it will be a beautiful wedding dress.

France Cannes Awards Red Carpet

So, what do you think about trendy wedding dress ideas? Share with us your views on this.

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