Justin Bieber Shared the Ideas of Being a Perfect Boyfriend

He is cute, adorable and a dream guy of millions of girls out there. Lucky Selene Gomez to have a boyfriend like Justin Bieber!

Selena-Gomez-Girlfriend-of-Justin Bieber Justin-Bieber-Boyfriend-of-Selena-Gomez

Justin’s latest single ‘Boyfriend’ is No.1 on iTunes single chart after which Bieber had a short talk with news people where he stated that the album is talking about a loving relationship and it would help someone in becoming a good boyfriend. Just after releasing on Sunday midnight the album became an instant hit and multiplied the Bieber Fever.

The new album presents a vocally mature side of the rising singer and the lyrics are giving some wise suggestions of becoming a good beau.

Through his experience and emotions Justin expressed his views about being a boyfriend saying, “To be a great boyfriend you just have to be patient and remember that you’re always wrong when it comes to girls, so say sorry when things are rough.”

Now that’s a wonderful suggestion and the song seems to be inspired through his personal relationship. But J.B. cleared that it had come from his heart.

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