Kim Kardashian Fights Fake Pregnancy Rumors

Inspiration of any women and heartthrob of all, Kim Kardashian fought her fake pregnancy rumors by displaying her growing ‘baby bump’. She wore an extremely body hugging dress while out in New Orleans on Aug 4, 2015. Pictures say that her baby bump is growing bigger and bigger.


Kim is rightly called the actress having ‘beauty with brains’ and she perfectly used it to slam all the rumors about her second pregnancy. Some of her fans thought she is faking it. But, the 34 year old actress knew how to handle them and she proudly took the streets of New Orleans last Tuesday. She revealed her big baby bump wearing a skin-tight mini dress.


 The gorgeous actress never fails to look her best, even while pregnant for the second time. As the star strutted in the Nola streets, her white mini dress clung to her pregnant body, giving us a very clear view of her swollen belly. Though, she has been always showing off her pregnant body in revealing clothes, yet, this look can be said to provide us the clearest view of her bump.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy News

 The ultra modern actress has always been very open about her pregnancy struggles. She admitted her belly is comparatively larger at nighttime and also about her awful morning sickness. The interesting fact is, while roaming about in the streets of New Orleans, she couldn’t resist but indulge in some delicious fried dough from Café Du Monde.

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