Maggie Grace is “Taken”

Female star in the thrilling ‘Taken’ series, Maggie Grace, recently said a yes to her beau and filmmaker, Matthew Cooke. They are happily engaged and announced their commitment on the red carpet of Pre-Oscar Party on Wednesday, February 18, 2015. We say the gorgeous Grace has been ‘Taken’ by the writer-director of How to Make Money Selling Drugs.


We got a clearer picture of her engagement ring from the image she shared lately. It is a stunning halo enclosing a massive round yellow stone. May be a yellow sapphire or citrine or a yellow diamond. Any guesses?? Hope we will get to know it soon.

Nonetheless, Grace’s ring is a vintage ensemble of heirloom quality. The very style of petite diamond accents that surround the center stone makes it look like an antique from the collections of queens and royals. It’s older than what you can even imagine. Grace described the ring as ‘an antique’ and said, “It’s from 1810,”

Grace mentioned that she still shares pleasant talks with her then beau, Ian Somerhalder. Ian is an American actor who recently got engaged to actress, Nikki Reed. Both exes are blissfully settled now. While Nikki’s engagement ring was a simple and elegant eternity band of white diamonds, Maggie Grace enjoys a classic halo of diamonds. Both are stunning and different though. In fact, both couples seem very excited for their new relationships. Wish they turn out well.


Tell us whose engagement ring you find more attractive. What one will you opt for your own engagement? Or do you have a completely different image in your mind? Share your thoughts and post your comments on these new relationships. We’d love to discuss with you.

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