Mariah Carey is in love again?

Can you believe that Mariah has moved on in life and ‘someone else’ is seen often with her in place of Nick Cannon? Even we couldn’t believe it. But, if we trust various sources, this rumor is sizzling hot in the market that she is dating a famous director!

Mariah Carey is in love again with Brett Ratner

Her close buddy is becoming too close now, and she is seen getting cozying up with Brett Ratner. Last days, on the occasion of his birthday, both were noticed being ‘love bitten’ on yacht in Bahamas over the weekend. Interestingly, some couple pictures of them popped up on TMZ where we can see them comfortable sharing personal space with each other. Those, who were close to their boat, said that they both were all over each other and high level of closeness was there.

mariah carey brett ratner love closeness

We all know that Brett had once dated the famous Vogue cover girl and tennis star Serena Williams. As of now, neither Mariah nor Brett has accepted that they are dating, but the rumors and pictures say something else.

Let some days unfold and the reality will be in front of us all whether they are actually seeing each other, or just the gossips have spread out. Whatever the scene is, we wish Mariah a good and promising life ahead with whom-so-ever she decides to stay with.

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