Most Lovable Celebrity Father’s Day

What special did you give to your father this year? Throughout the world, dads received special attention and celebrated familial love over this weekend. They were showered with incredible surprises and endearing gifts from sons and daughters and even son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws. While few enjoyed their debut parentage, others added a year more to their Father’s Day celebration. Likewise, many celebrity fathers and children paid tribute to the bond they share.  Here is a roundup of few cute and fun-filled moments Hollywood stars spent with their dads and children.

Caitlyn Jenner
Jenner’s and Kardashian’s kids panegyrized Caitlyn as their new transgender Father. Spending the day off-roading with full family, Caitlyn Jenner looked happiest as she shared photographs on social media. She thanked all her kids for their support in respecting her transformed role both as mother and father.


Justin Timberlake
New to this ‘Dad Fraternity,’ Justin Timberlake posted cuddling pictures with his newly-born son. We hope he turns out to be a wonderful father in near future.


Ryan Reynolds
Having a gorgeous starlet wife, Blake Lively and a cute little daughter, James, Reynolds spent a day of joy as his very first Father’s Day. Lively shared a lovely picture of Ryan holding James in a carriage, near seawaters (though it turned out to be a critical issue afterwards, read it here to get more details:


Robert Downey Jr.
He put up a delectable picture of his father and son, showing three happy generations. Sending a message to all fathers out there, Downey Jr. further tweeted, ‘Remember to hug your dad today, everyone—they’re probably the reason you’re so wonderfully weird. Happy Father’s Day.’

Robert Downey Jr.

David Beckham
No words but a ‘Daddy’s band’ on David’s wrist said it all. He is indeed a proud father of four children with most stimulating Fashionista, Victoria. Their daughter, Harper is making headlines as a top baby model on the runway.



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