Mr. Beckham’s Olivia von Halle Silk Pajamas for Posh

Christmas will be here in just couple of days. So what do you gift a woman who has everything?


Well, David Beckham has put his taste of style to work by ordering a two pairs of dreamy silk pajamas. He knows the stylish and sensible staples.

The soccer star ordered to Harrods in the UK, requesting two pairs of PJs by Olivia von Halle. Inspired by Coco Chanel and the 1920s era this relatively new brand has garnered insider buzz thanks to the luxurious fabrics and graceful cuts von Halle use.

Olivia Von Halle Pajamas, Victoria and David Beckham

The silk pajamas cost $500 but nothing is extravagant for Posh.

While this was a staple gift from David Beckham to his special lady, what would you gift your someone special this Christmas?

Though you must have done with the gift-basket decoration, a little sparkle could still make its way. A simple faith pendant, a charm bracelet or a pair of snowflakes earrings are always welcomed by a woman.


Whether she is a glam girl like Posh or a religious lady, a piece of jewelry is an elegant way to say “Marry Christmas!”

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