Ruby’s allure in Golden Globe Awards 2014

Golden Globe Awards 2014, held in January, is still in the fashion news for the killing glamour that celebrities casted on the Red Carpet. Who’s wearing what becomes more important for us than ‘who won what award’. Each one of us wants to know the night’s standout costumes and jewelry. This is what exactly happened this year too.

Taylor Swift Golden Globe Awards 2014

It was the glitter of diamonds and colored gemstones in the air all around. Diva’s clutches and stilettos also showed off the charm of pearls. Above all was the glow of ruby that took all breaths. She was our favorite chic, Taylor Swift in her monochromatic pink gown and some outstanding red and white blings.

She made it to the list with her designer pair of earrings and rings contrasting with her dress. The royalty of ruby was perfectly flaunted through the diamond accented dangling earrings and a triple cluster of floral rings. Taylor set her own style statement by donning three-ruby rings in her consecutive fingers. Most of all, this flaming red gem took a floral curve with diminutive pieces of diamonds.

The whole appearance of Taylor mesmerized all eyes: her fashionable haircut, gorgeous makeup, lovely outfit, and the captivating red ornaments. It was a stunning combination of rosy colors. And once again, the bloom of rubies robbed the evening.

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