Sisterly Love: Kim Tries Khloe’s Eternity Ring

While it seems that everybody is thinking that Kim will eventually tie the knot with rapper Kanye West. So when she was recently caught on the camera trying her sister’s eternity ring it seemed that she was trying to drop the hint that she is ready to take the next step. However, we all have to bear in mind that her divorce is yet to be finalized.

Kim Sister's Eternity Ring She was Trying to WearRound Diamond Eternity Ring

Another thing that was interesting that Khloe’s ring is an eternity ring and as its name suggest it symbolizes eternity and everlasting love. So it seems that this time Kim wants her marriage to last longer than her previous one which lasted only for 72 days.

Khloe Kardashian’s Eternity Ring

Whenever we gift an eternity ring it means that we will love them forever. Most of these rings have the diamonds all the way around and symbolize love is a continuous circle that never ends. Many people also view this ring as a promise that one will always feel the same way about their partner.

Round Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring

This Eternity ring design is really popular because it will always remind ‘your love’ how you feel whenever she will look at the beautiful eternity ring. Kim’s younger sister Khloe’s ring is an impressive diamond and a gold eternity ring. Though it can be a good option but some time back there have been reports that Kanye has designed a diamond and ruby ring for Kim and this ring has precious gems of his mother’s jewelry.

Kim's Younger Sister Diamond & Gold Eternity Ring

Though we have not seen this ring but ruby gemstone is a good option to express love and passion that is why many couples opt for ruby engagement rings.

Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Vintage Ring

Share your views what you think about Kim and Kanye as a couple and do you think their relationship will last longer.

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