Top Five Celebrity Mums 2015

As we have stepped in the month of May, its great time to get some insights about celebrity mothers who have made a lasting impression on our minds. May is associated with mothers worldwide. This year, we will be honoring all mothers of the world on May 10th. Though all moms are special, some Hollywood mothers are phenomenal inspirations because of their exceptional style and bold looks, especially when they walk the red carpet.


Let’s recall moms’ stunning appearances, which have been admired by huge audiences for their one-of-a-kind fashion.

Giuliana Rancic


Mother to a two-year-old son Edward Rancic, Giuliana brought out gorgeous looks on the red carpet 2015 so far. Recently seen at Daytime Emmy Awards, she was the first to arrive in a charming peach gown with well-groomed hair bun, nude makeup and elegant gold bangles. Her red hot demeanor from 2015 Academy Awards is also unforgettable. Undoubtedly, we always see something new and dazzling coming from Rancic’s closet.

Nicole Kidman


With every red carpet appearance, she proves that women get better with age. She is 47 years and a mother to four children from two marriages, but doesn’t look like one. Known for her remarkable career in Hollywood, Nicole is an actress always regarded for impressive looks. Dressed in shimmering golden gown, she stunned the audience with her luxurious bracelet and rings at 2015 Oscars.

Scarlett Johannson


A new mother, Johansson sets all hearts on fire with her upcoming movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Her rich green looks, from Oscars 2015, deeply mesmerized onlookers as the dress embraced a massive necklace-like collar. Scarlett’s pixie haircut is a go-to trend among many young girls.

Cate Blanchett


If you scroll through Blanchett’s different presence on different events, you will be thrilled to realize how impeccable they all are. For all time, she makes to the list of best-dressed. Her gowns, her jewelry, her hairdo, everything is exceptional. This year’s Oscars welcomed this momma of four kids in a plain black floor-length gown accessorized with a daring contrast of blue turquoise beads in her necklace.

Julianne Moore

When it comes to celeb moms, you can’t skip mentioning Julianne’s name. Completing 54 years of her age last December, Moore has two children from her second husband. She also holds an established acting career and terrific recognition for her fashion tastes. She stole the show with her glitz and glamour at SAG 2015.


The list is endless, but we were drooled to see the above mothers this year (until now). The year is still to come up with more ravishing actresses.

Share with us styles of other sensational moms you admire and adore.

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