Wedding Bells for Twilight Star

…And they are finally together after almost three years of a romantic relationship. Your crush from Twilight, Peter Facinelli is betrothed with his longtime girlfriend and Thor actress, Jaimie Alexander. Both American stars had been co-stars on the Showtime show, Nurse Jackie and linked up from November 2012, just eight months after Facinelli’s separation from ex-wife, Jennie Garth of eleven years.

Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander announced their engagement

Facinelli recently popped out the question to his ladylove at the top of Empire State Building, New York on Monday, March 16, 2015. Though they haven’t officially announced their engagement, Jaimie’s tweets led the public and their fans to unveil the couple’s secret espousal.

Likewise, there are not many secrets revealed about the lady’s engagement ring (which is the very subject of our concern). However, one of the pictures of ring that Jaimie shared on social network discloses that she received not a diamond stunner but an elephant ring, as given by Facinelli earlier this week. Distinctive and oversized, the ring’s design and style is extremely rare as an engagement piece. It features only the face of an elephant with trunk and two huge ears. All in yellow gold, the elephant’s face consists of an arrangement of round, black stones (probably black diamonds or onyx) and tiny golden beads. There is also a yellow stone on the tip of elephant’s trunk; maybe a yellow diamond, yellow sapphire, or citrine. Details are yet to come.

pictures of Jaimie’s elephant engagement ring

After receiving such an exceptional engagement ring from her beau, Alexander mentions, “Elephants are our thing. Patience, strength + wisdom. Thank u to my thoughtful luv. ” The couple seems quite a kind of elephant-lovers. Hats off to Peter’s creative choice and thoughtfulness!  Undoubtedly,  such engagement rings are seldom seen.

We wish the couple good luck and hope to see more pictures of Jaimie’s elephant engagement ring.

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