Zimbabwe Ranked 7th Biggest Diamond Producer


According to the latest global ranking figures released this Friday, Zimbabwe ranks as the 7th biggest diamond producer in the world.

As per the report that was released by diamond regulator Kimberly Process and then reproduced by Rapa port, the US gem trade regulator, last year Zimbabwe produced diamonds worth US $334 million last year.

The same ranking showed Botswana as the top gem producer, producing gem worth US $2.5 Billion. Closely followed by Russia that accounted for diamond worth US$2.35 Billion and Canada with its US$2.3 billion diamond produce last year.

South Africa ranks fourth with its mines producing gems worth US$1800 million. Angola ranks fifth in the list while Namibia comes sixth.

The report also stated that last year the global rough diamond produce rose by 39% as compared to previous year.

In terms of carat volume there is an approximate rise of 7% or 133.12 carats. The average price per carat produced rose 30% to US$90.13.

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