5 Cyber Monday Interesting Facts

Cyber Monday is a day that celebrates all the crazy online shoppers. Incredible deals, astounding offers and never-seen-before discounts; this day fills our screens with exceptional holiday surprises and our homes with choicest products. So, as we eagerly look forward to Cyber Monday 2015, let us sneak a quick peek at 5 fun and interesting facts about one of the biggest shopping fiestas.

cyber monday 2015

#Fact 1
The term ‘Cyber Monday’ first floated on the internet in the year 2005. It was Shop.org’s press release that introduced this term to the shopping world.

#Fact 2
Men always have an edge over women when it comes to shopping on Cyber Monday. The figures say that approximately, 43% of men indulge in Cyber Monday shopping against 39% of women.

#Fact 3
As per several estimates, Cyber Monday turnout has increased by $100 million each year since 2005. As online shopping is taking the world by storm, Cyber Monday sales are going to pick up immensely in the upcoming years.

#Fact 4
People sitting at work constitute the maximum traffic on this day. Many companies have actually fired their employees on account of them shopping on Cyber Monday during office hours. If we talk numbers, then in the year 2011, approximately 22% employees were fired on this ground!

#Fact 5
Cyber Monday 2010 witnessed a sale of approximately $1028 billion which was perhaps the highest spending day that year!

Cyber Monday is indeed one of the biggest shopping days in the year. These facts are a testimony to that. We would love to know your views on the facts mentioned above and also if you know something more about Cyber Monday, do share it with us in the comment section below.

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