Best Jewelry Trends: NYFW 2015

With onset of a new season, it’s time to witness new fashion trends of 2015. 2014 had been a year of new experiments and innovative styles. From stacking of earrings and donning single earring, few fads are well carried from last to this year. Here are few jewelry trends, captured from New York Fashion Week, which you can look ahead to seeing around you in Spring/Summer 2015.

Swirling Hoops: Though earrings are universal and everyday accessories, the retro style of hoops has shown a remarkable comeback in the recent Grammy Awards. We could also spot metal and diamond hoop and disc earrings on NY fashion runway.

diamond hoop and disc earrings on NY fashion runway

Choker Necklaces: Collar jewelry for your neckline is catching on with time. Many of the 2014’s red carpet events enjoyed varying styles of choker necklaces, embellishing the plunging necklines of starlets. Be it a colorful top or cocktail dress, even a simple metal belt around your neck makes a classy bling. We expect this style to be on the top list this year as well.

Collar jewelry on NY fashion runway

RoseGold Classics: Almost after a decade-and-half, rose gold jewelry has shown a time-honored appearance on the aisle. Fashion models have put across jewelry desires of young and modern brides-to-be by displaying love for contemporary rose gold ensembles. Wedding and engagement rings have observed intense adoration for pinkish gold metal bands.

rose gold jewelry

Oversized Earrings: Though a vintage style, sporting oversized earrings has become a fresh choice among women of all ages. High school girls find it chic to wear bold and dangling pairs of earrings.

New York Fashion Week 2015 Oversized Earrings styles

Layered Gold Pendants: New York Fashion runway saw thick and thin and long and short gold chains, layered on top of one another. Sort out the perfect gold pendants from your existing jewelry collection and add some new ones to brandish a tasteful style in the upcoming music festivals.

Layered Gold Pendants New York Fashion runway

Colorful bijoux: Vivid gemstones can never lose their hold in the jewelry market. In fact, the demand for contrasting colored stones in a single piece of necklace and earring is soaring. The fusion of pinks and blues and reds and greens look stunning on all occasions.

Colorful bijoux styles on New York Fashion runway

Pierced eyebrows: Surprising yet laudable, wholly pierced eyebrows with thin silver and gold circular chains is one of the funkiest trends that turned heads in Fashion Week 2015. Just wait to see this edgy and punk look on streets and among your girlie friends, this year.

punk-era style on New York Fashion Week 2015 runway

What new jewelry style are you going to flaunt in the coming months? Tell us some more out-of-the-ordinary trends that can be taken along in spring and summers of 2015

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