Choose Romance for Spring 2015

March is here, and so is the splendid Spring. Friday, March 20, 2015 is envisioned as the first day of spring season. Along with weather and climate shifts, a change in season causes renewal in lifestyle including clothing styles, choice of colors, eating habits, and many more. They say by choosing the right colors, you ensure a successful smile on your and other faces as well.

Now is the ultimate time to transform your wardrobe with bright and blossoming colors like Red. Red is feminine, bold, intense, promising, romantic, glamorous, and extremely in trend (Marsala: Pantone Color of the Year 2015).

Red Color fashion

More recently, we have spotted women in varying reds on runways of various Fashion Weeks 2015. Red bears a new level of sophistication and versatility for 2015. Fashion models have opted for a hot red lip color (which is quite a popular choice of bold and beautiful celebrities), red coats and jackets, stilettos, boots, accessories, totes, and red jewelry. From muted to lacy, velvety to sparkling, and meek to flashy, all deviations of red made a momentous statement on the aisle.


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 Regardless of gender dominance, there have been many male models displaying passion for red. Stylish red pants and leathers were the highlights of Paris Fashion Week 2015. A relatively darker and energetic tone created a major impact on fashion designers and even the audience. Crimson red stood out remarkably in London, New York, and Milan Fashion Week runways.

sparkling ruby jewelry

Include some sparkling and ladylike red essentials and accessories this spring. For matching jewelry, precious ruby crystals are always your best mates. Ruby jewelry is fabulous and time-honored. Buying a pair of studs and an elegant pendant can be a fantastic idea, complementing your office and party looks. Thus, you can look forward to a classy and urbane appearance with this cherry color. Be creative and colorful with basics and live a dramatic spring season with the blush of red this year.

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