Most Elegant Mixes of Gemstones

Have you ever tried mixing two colored gemstones into a single jewelry piece?

Perhaps, mix and match are a well-admired, contemporary trend in the fashion industry. Combining several hues of precious and semi-precious stones with different metals creates the most playful jewelry pieces. There can be a mix of ruby and emeralds, sapphires and ruby, yellow gold and rose gold, rose gold and silver, and many others. No matter how bland your outfits have become, such jewelry mixes inspire you to flaunt them again with style and glamour.


Adding to this glitz, there have been sensational red carpet arrivals accessorized with exotic blue stones (sapphires, opals, aquamarines) and lush greens (emeralds, green opals) in a single bling. Let’s recollect some dramatic gemstone fusions these A-list stars have brought to our interest. Here are a few highlights from several red carpet events held in present and past years.

Taylor Swift: Grammy Awards 2015


She has been appreciated for her rock star music and appearance. This year’s Grammys was not an exception to it as Swift attended the event in a multi-strapped, turquoise gown accented with emerald and aqua-colored crystals.

Scarlett Johansson: Venice International Film Festival 2013


Unlike a whole green look and huge statement bib necklace at Grammys 2015, Scarlett dropped jaws at Venice International Film Festival 2013 with chromatic gems. Though her emerald necklace (part of her gown) incomparably grabbed audience’s attention this year, 2013’s film festival marked a bold look of Scarlett as she adorned her neckline with a fantastic mix of pink and blue sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds.

Jennifer Hudson: Academy Awards 2013


At Academy Awards 2013, Jennifer Hudson expressed intense love for blue and green sparkles. She shined in an exclusive glittering, glassy bluish black gown accessorized with a pair of blue green opal drop earrings.

Busy Phillips: SAG Awards 2013


It seems that 2013 was the year of colorful mixes in gemstone jewelry, most importantly blue and green. The red carpet of SAG 2013 welcomed Phillips with her baby bump in a body-fitting, floor-length dress and a trendy necklace comprising apple-green chrysoprase and colorful (basically blue and green)opals. Going a year back, i.e. Oscars 2012, Phillips stood out in a stunning pair of mixed shaped opals again in green and blue.

Tina Fey: Oscars 2012

Along with her high knot hair updos, her earrings were the finest choices Tina Made. She showcased a superb play of colors through emeralds and sapphires in her ear candies. Fey held a graceful pinky smile on her face.


What gemstone mixes do you like the most? Share pictures of your jewelry having an exquisite combination of your favorite crystals.


  • April 27, 2015

    Gatoloco Mbelgedes

    Very beautiful gemstone jewelries. I like the blue Opal that use by Jennifer Hudson. It’s really elegant and very interesting. Great jewelry design.

  • April 27, 2015


    Thanks Mbelgedes for liking the post and jewelry. You can see some more stunning diamond and gemstone fusion jewelry at

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