Our Gemstones

Our colorful and sparkling gemstones have always allured our hearts and we fondly get them encrusted in our favorite jewelry. In olden times, the kings and queens used them not only in their jewelry but also on their thrones and utensils. Even in recent times, many people love to get them studded in their expensive dresses.


But, did you know that besides displaying amazing rainbow colors, these gemstones are popularly known for their powers and properties? If you are not fully aware about these, let’s have a quick look at them:



This fiery red colored gemstone is well known to strengthen the bond of love between the couple. Many Asian countries believe that exchanging ruby engagement rings is best for the start of relationship. Besides this, ruby is considered to purify blood and control blood pressure.



This royal blue colored gemstone is believed to save the wearer from evils and harm. In ancient times, people considered it a good talisman against protection from snakebite. Additionally, blue sapphire is thought to attract fortune and money.



The bright green colored gemstone is most commonly known as the gemstone of luck and love. It is closely associated with love and is said to bring prosperity to the wearer. Health wise, it is said to bring good results in the ailments of the eyes.



Dazzling and sparkling, diamond is the hardest known gemstone. And, therefore it is said to bring eternal and forever love and good luck to the wearer. Most popular for engagement rings, this gem is fondly encrusted in all types of jewelry. It is believed to enhance the powers of all other gems with which it is worn.

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