5 New Year Presents She Will Love

New Year is indeed a special occasion. Marking a new beginning we all look forward to the promise it brings along. Each one of us looks for ways to start the year on a happy note. If there’s a special someone in your life and you want to make her feel loved and cherished then plan a lovely New Year gift. Surprise her with something thoughtful that will touch her heart. The most wonderful thing about gifts is that they don’t need to be expensive; you only need to be little thoughtful.


You know she’s been craving for that designer outfit for months and has been eyeing it each time she walks past the store. If you’re smart and fast go right away and pick it. Let her have something she so desperately wants; after all it’s New Year and she deserves to be lavished with a present. You can even go a step further and add some jewelry to go with it.

If it’s something you’ve never done before then why not wear a chef’s cap and cook a special meal for her. Rustle up her favorite dish, pull out the silver and don’t forget some flowers. Enjoy the look of unadulterated shock on her face at the sight of the perfectly set table along with a sumptuous meal. To make it extraordinary, place a present on her chair or how about a tiny jewelry box on her plate. It can contain anything from earrings, ring or a pendant. You will surely succeed in making this a very memorable meal for her.


If you hate the rush and crowd during this time of the year and want a quiet getaway then plan a romantic trip for the two of you. Most tourist destinations are crowded around this time so go somewhere less publicized that not too many people know about. A good idea would be to drive in somewhere close and cozy where you both can share some great moments.

Women are absolute romantics and if she loves moments to be captured on camera then here’s what you can do. Pull out a picture of you two that she likes best and enlarge it to a big poster size. Frame it and place it right behind the bed. Watch the look of absolute awe when you lead her to it. You can even collate all the pictures over the years and give her an album reminiscent of happy times. This will make a great New Year present and one that’ll hold immense meaning for her.


If you’ve wanted to pamper her with something exquisite then New Year is just the time to do it. Nothing qualifies as a more timeless present than meaningful jewelry. If she loves the dazzle of diamonds pick an ageless solitaire ring or a pair of shimmering diamond cluster earrings. Birthstone jewelry that combines beauty and good luck is another wonderful way of showing you care. It could also be a charming piece of gemstone jewelry in her favorite color. Pick something that is truly beautiful, that will tell her all over again how much you love her.

Ring in the New Year with a gift of love for your sweetheart.

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