7 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

The season of giving gifts is here and you have dropped hints for your special present. Now you’re left wondering what to get for the special man in your life. Men usually don’t say much when it comes to their personal choice. They go and get the stuff by themselves. This most often leaves no option except another shirt, tie or a set of gloves added to his wardrobe. , We’ve put together a list of Christmas gifts ideas for 2015that your husband will cherish, read through and choose one if you want to pamper him this Christmas.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband

There are two reasons you should think of buying any of these recommended items: One, your husband will love the stuff, even if he doesn’t know it yet. Second, you are left with just a couple of days and with the crowd out there, finding a perfect gift is extremely painful. So stay in your pajamas, get yourself a hot drink and start exploring the list to know best Christmas gift ideas for 2015.

  1. For the man who loves his sundowner – Audemus Pink Pepper Gin
    Produced in Cognac, France, this distilled gin from Audemus Spirits has extracts of pink pepper, juniper, and cardamom for a spicy, strong and unique flavor. A great choice if he enjoys Gin & Tonic with a limey flavor.

    Pink pepper gin as a christmas gift for him

  2. For the gaming enthusiast – Destiny PS4
    If your man is someone who likes to relax playing video games, he will definitely enjoy being a part of an epic action adventure to discover the secrets of universe and save the last city on earth.

    Last Minute Christmas Gift For Husband - Destiny PS4

  3. For the man who loves to cook – Wolfgang Puck’s Cookbook
    Acclaimed chef and restaurateur, Wolfgang Puck, shares his evolution as a fit and energetic man in this new book. The Chef offers over 100 health-conscious recipes for food lovers. In collaboration with trainer Chat Waterbury and nutrition expert Lou Schuler, Puck offers a proven exercise solution that helps you stay fit and healthy.  This is definitely a perfect Christmas gift for a foodie.

    Wolfgang Puck's Cookbook as a Christmas Gift For Husband

  4. For the busy man who needs to take notes –  Livescribe Notebook
    If he loves writing, this Notebook by Moleskine is an awesome gift idea. Handy and advanced, it is easy to connect with any device. Write your thoughts and ideas on the blank space and they will be seen on your device in real time, thanks to its Bluetooth technology that comes with ruled dot paper, numbered pages with Livescribe 3 Smartpen controls.

    Livescribe Notebook as a Christmas Gift For Husband

  5. For the man with an active lifestyle – Chant Mini Portable Audio System
    This portable audio system that is easy to carry and has a world of powerful sound is the perfect gift for the man with a love for the outdoors. Made with earth friendly materials this speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a microphone. His camping trips will never be boring now as the Chant Mini is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides six hours’ backup.

    Chant Mini Portable Audio System as a Christmas Gift For Husband

  6. For the man with  taste for the best – Baselamp
    Baselamp can be just the right gift for the man with a taste for something unique. Whether it is his whiskey bottle or a vase with holiday botanicals, this exotic illumination piece has a bright bulb set on a walnut or bamboo base. Its super bright LED bulb shines through every translucent object and doesn’t produce too much heat or any UV light.

    Last Minute Christmas Gift For Husband - Baselamp

  7. For the most special man in your life – Tri Color Men’s Band
    Jewelry is no longer just for women and features prominently in the list of Christmas gifts for him. He may not be fond of jewelry but a handcrafted ring featuring a unique braided pattern in white, yellow and rose gold is sure to catch his attention. If you are planning to get married soon, this smart wedding band is a great choice. Designed to match the lifestyle and personality of the modern man, thing ring can be delivered at your doorstep before Christmas as the store is offering free 2 Day Shipping for a limited period.

    Tri Color Men's Band as a Christmas Gift For Husband

The season of gift giving is here so choose a gift from our list of Christmas gifts for him to make it special.

What will you choose? We are waiting to know in the comment section below.

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