Celebrate Love with Rubies

To be true – Valentine’s Day is not only about heart-shaped chocolates and red roses. There are more significant and sparkly ways to show your love and admiration. With just a bit of thought, you can avoid that staple gift option while making her day of love more special. This year, why not to celebrate with a gift of personalized gemstone jewelry that will convey your emotions profoundly.

Whether your relationship is in the exciting love-declaration phase or that comfortable long-term ‘mumbling your emotions’ phase, a gift of personalized jewelry is perfect to make it stronger and dazzling.

Gemstones have their special language of emotions. Choose a gem that signifies your love and viola! She will fall in love with you time and again. Birthstone jewelry is most significant in such case. But it’s about love and romance and what better than ruby jewelry could show the emotions. Anything from a ruby heart pendant to ring or a designer pair of ruby earrings can set the world on fire.

Express your lover with Ruby

 Ruby is the gem of love and romance. It is known for its passionate and fiery look. Studded in a charming heart pendant or a three-stone ring, ruby makes a striking Valentine’s Day gift. This king of gemstones hold a royal charm that every woman wants to feel and flaunt. Therefore, presenting her a piece of specially and carefully picked ruby jewelry would definitely make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

If you are new to jewelry shopping or wonder what would be the best choice, here are few suggestions to help you select a gift of love. The best thing about ruby jewelry is that it is not just limited to expressing love but holds a high style quotient. A royal gem, ruby is highly desired for its red carpet worthy appeal.

Ruby Heart Pendants

You can choose a solitaire heart pendant or a three-stone heart pendant if your beloved has a classic taste. For an unconventional gift, twisted bale pendant or a ruby and diamond halo pendant is just perfect. Hearts are timeless jewelry style and they are very significant for a romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day.

Ruby Heart Pendants

Ruby Love Knots

Knots signify eternal connection. Love knot pendants are a popular gift choice for Valentine’s Day. However, polished metal infinity knots are easy to find, the one artistically set with rubies is more desirable by any woman. Such a piece also makes great sense.

Ruby Knot Pednants

 Classic Ruby Rings

Solitaire and three-stone rings are a timeless choice for gift giving. They are symbolic, classic and classy. Ruby diamond halo ring is another beautiful, sparkly option to consider if your lady likes jewelry with a difference.

Classic Ruby Rings

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