6 Awesome Facts About Halloween You Probably Didn’t Know

“Here you are dressed up for the night,
You knock and knock, hoping to a fright
Instead I am dressed up too,
I give fright, when I yell BOO!”

Yes, Halloween here’s again but before you go, costume hunting and figuring out ways to fright people, here’s a lowdown on interesting facts that might not have known about Halloween.

1. Halloween marks the Christian holiday of All Hallows Eve (followed by All Saints Day on November ). But the tradition of Halloween is probably rooted in the Celtic holiday, Samhain, or a number of other pre-Christian harvest festivals.


2.  Jack-O-Lanterns are traditionally made from turnips in Great Britain! America owes Halloween celebrations to the Irish immigrants. Pumpkins replaced turnips in this part of the world, because they weren’t particularly cheap. Ironically, pumpkins are the norm today, much to the disappointment of turnips.

3. Did you know that pumpkin carving is a popular Guinness World Record? The fastest time to carve a pumpkin is 16.47 seconds achieved by Stephen Clarke (USA) on PIX11 Morning News in New York, New York, USA, on 31 October 2013. The Jack-O’-Lantern is required to have a complete face, including eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

pumpkin carving
4. There is a short history of Trick or Treat as well. Records suggest that during the 19th century, children traveled door-to-door praying for souls or performing for money or cakes on All Hallows Eve in Scotland and Ireland.  The tradition follows from the medieval practice of souling, in which beggars went door to door on October 31 to pray for souls in return for food.

5. And Halloween baking is a $6 billion industry. Cake-makers and desert lovers aren’t particularly unhappy about it, eh?

Cake for halloween
6. And saving the best for the last. If you are lucky enough to be in Mexico on October 31 (or the early morning of November 1) enjoy Day of the Dead festivities. Kids still trick-or-treat, but are rewarded with candy skulls. Now how’s that for a Halloween present?

Day of Dead Festivities
Do you know of any interesting Halloween fact? Let us know in the comments section below!

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