Halloween Celebration around the World

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in North America and Canada as approximately 65% of Americans enjoy this spooky festival!  Do you think this festival of Halloween is reserved only for Americans? Most of us believe it is true, but, apparently it is not. Let us take a look on the world map and find out where and how one of the world’s oldest holidays is celebrated.

Ireland halloween traditions
Surprisingly, Ireland is considered the birthplace of Halloween. So, here it is celebrated with as much fervor as it is celebrated in North America. In Ireland, adults and kids get dressed in different costumes and go trick or treating in their neighborhood. The Irish play several fun games as well, including card games, snap-apple or treasure hunt. Their traditional dish for Halloween is ‘barnbrack’ which is a type of fruit cake.

China halloween traditions

In China, Halloween is known as ‘Teng Chieh’. It is basically a day to commemorate the dead and departed souls. People here light bonfires and lanterns in order to guide the path of departed spirits. Also, on this day they place food and water in front of photographs of their ancestors.

Halloween in Russia

Popularity of this festival rose in mid 1990s in Russia. Till date, it is a holiday that is solely celebrated by younger generation and not its entire civic society. Halloween celebration here majorly witnesses costume parties in night clubs everywhere.

Halloween in Philippines

In Philippines, this costume festival is celebrated on All Saints Day, i.e. 1st November and All Souls’ Day on 2nd November. Pangangaluluwà is their ancient tradition in which some people form a group and go house to house singing songs and collecting money and food in exchange. However, the tradition of ‘trick or treat’ is gradually replacing this ancient practice.

halloween in england

In England, the practice of ‘souling’ on All Hallows’ Eve is quite prevalent. ‘Souling ‘is the custom to give ‘soul cakes’( which is a traditional Halloween treat in UK) to others.  Presumably this practice led to the birth of modern ‘trick or treat’ concept in North America.

Apart from these countries, the festival of Halloween is also celebrated in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and Sardinia among others. If you have an idea about some interesting Halloween practices around the world, then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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