Halloween Celebration Ideas

It is only a couple of days left in Halloween. It means you have decided whether you are trick-or-treating or going for a freaking party on Oct. 31.

Whatever you do, we have some wonderful ideas to make your celebration memorable. From costume inspirations to planning a party, here is our quick wrap for All Hallows Eves.

Literally Spooky
Few days back, there was news talking about a new play featuring an adult Harry Potter. This reminded us – what is better than going to Hogwarts this Halloween? You always wanted to play your favorite literary character, this is your time to do it. Why not to be Luna Lovegood or Professor Trelawney? If you have done with wizardry, then rebel like Katniss did in Mockingjay.

favorite literary character

Halloween with a New Born
If you are a first time mom, this will be your most memorable Halloween. So make it worth it. You baby is too young to understand roll play but he will love a crib makeover. You can decorate his crib wit LEDs and other stuff that doesn’t harm him. Babies love watching colorful moving things. You can hang some plush toys on his crib or change the covers for a fun look.

Halloween with a New Born

Halloween in Hollywood
We know that our favorite A-list stars celebrate everything larger than life. All Hallows Eve is no exception. You may choose to play your favorite celebrity or get inspired by them for your special party. Beyonce and Miley Cyrus are two celebs most people copy. You will be amazed to find Miley’s many costumes for Halloween.

Beyonce and Miley Cyrus inspired costumes for Halloween

It is time to relax and celebrate, so let your spirit go wild as you plan your Halloween. Do not forget to share your photos with us. We are waiting.

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