Promise Rings and What They Mean

A symbol of love, promise rings convey a lot. You can give one for many different reasons. When your heart is full of love and you want her to know how special she is, do it with a promise ring, or when you want to simply give a message of friendship, loyalty or commitment. One thing about promise rings is that you must always convey what it’s meant for.

promise rings

Don’t confuse it with an engagement ring or a prelude to marriage. When you give a promise ring, tell her exactly what you have in mind. Sometimes simply say what you intend, or if you want to add a dash of romance – refer to a poem or a popular love song. It is totally up to you to paint a particular picture to go with it. Before you give her one or tell her what it implies; you must be clear in yourself, so think over it.

Once you’ve decided, and are wondering when to give it, – special occasions like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve are perfect. You can even consider a particular date or event like your first meeting or her birthday. Don’t confuse it with any other bling or gift; – make sure you tell her it’s a promise ring and all that you want to express.

Ambience matters a lot, so think beforehand where you want to give it. Avoid very crowded places where you cannot be heard, – remember you need to let her know what promise you’re making. A place where you shared some lovely moments together is a good idea, so is a favorite restaurant or haunt that you both frequent.

If you’re wondering what qualifies as a promise ring, simply refer to a jeweler. There is an entire range of different styles and designs that is dedicated to this popular token of love. The one where two clasped hands hold a heart, look charming and communicate the promise of love and commitment most beautifully. You can even opt for those with engravings. Think of a special message and get the jeweler to customize it for you. The vibrant colored gemstones also look gorgeous; – pick a promise ring that flaunts one in her favorite color.

colored gemstones promise ring

There are a few things that you always have to keep in mind while giving a promise ring. The finger, on which you should slip one, – would ideally be the ring finger on the right hand or the middle finger of the left hand. In fact it can be any finger other than the ring finger on the left hand. All this may sound trivial but it isn’t. You should never confuse a promise ring for an engagement or wedding ring.

Pick one with care and make sure you open your heart and tell her the promise you’re making with this special ring.

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