Proposal Ideas for Her – Listen to What Her Zodiac Says

Planning to pop the question to your lady love in the New Year? You need to choose the perfect proposal ring for your woman to make this day immensely special for her. But that’s not all, have you thought of going that extra mile to surprise her with something more than a traditional proposal? An unexpected small gesture can surely serve as the icing on the cake on your big day.

Proposal Ideas for Her – Listen to What Her Zodiac Says

A woman’s zodiac sign reveals a great deal about the surprises and gifts that can bring a smile on her face. To save your time and make your day more memorable, take a cue from what her zodiac sign says. Here are some proposal ideas according to different zodiac signs to help you make your proposal day memorable.

  1. ARIES
    An Aries woman is strong, dynamic and independent and loves to show off her prized possessions. The diamond is traditionally considered as the zodiac birthstone of Aries. If you’re planning to propose your Aries woman, do it with a diamond engagement ring. Make it even more special by personalizing it, with your names engraved on it, because under the fiercely independent exterior is a woman who likes to be told she’s special. She will love it!Propose Taurus Women With Diamond Engagement Ring 2
    Materialistic things are a big no for a Taurus woman. If you want your proposal to be the most beautiful moment of your life, simply take her to her favorite place where she can let her hair down and be comfortable. Plan a romantic dinner where you can ask her to be yours for life with a simple and elegant three stone emerald ring – her answer is definitely going to be a yes.Propose Taurus Women With Three Stone Emerald Ring
    A traveler at heart, a weekend trip can be the perfect proposal setting for a Gemini girl. She loves to explore, so you can plan a trip to a place she has never visited before and surprise her with a romantic proposal there. Choose a ring that exhibits her nomadic lifestyle; take your pick from brightly colored gemstone rings such as citrine or a ruby ring.Propose Gemini Women With Round Ruby Solitaire Ring
    The most mushy and romantic of all Zodiac signs, a Cancer woman appreciates the feelings and emotions that come along with a gift. Read out a handwritten note telling her all that makes her special for you, she is sure to treasure this moment forever. A dainty and timeless ruby or emerald eternity band can express more than a thousand words about how deeply you are committed to her.Propose Cancer Women With Emerald Eternity Band
  5. LEO
    If you are in love with a Leo woman, a simple proposal with a small gift will not be enough. Plan an elaborate proposal with a box of her favorite Godiva chocolates and some sparkling wine along with an unconventional engagement ring. Peridot, being the birthstone of August can also be an apt selection. Choose a solitaire peridot ring, as it is always larger than life for a Leo.Propose Cancer Women With Solitaire Peridot Ring
  6. VIRGO
    It is the effort that counts for a Virgo woman. Show her that you have put in everything to make this day special for her. Take her hiking or for a picnic or cook a meal and show her how much she means to you. Propose her with an infinity knot sapphire ring that is unique in its own way and will clearly depict your true love and commitment for her.Propose Virgo Women With Infinity Knot Sapphire Ring
  7. LIBRA
    A photo frame with a cute photo of you two will seal the deal for your Libra woman. You can even give her a romantic card to make her fall more deeply in love with you. Her birthstone is the colorful and radiant opal which can also make for a perfect engagement ring for your loving Libra girl.Propose Libra Women With Opal Engagement Ring
    The mysterious Scorpio woman likes everything simple and meaningful. She would love to go camping or on long drives and spend quality time with you. Seize the perfect moment and propose to her with a beautiful vintage diamond and citrine ring that matches her fiery temper.Propose Scorpio Women With Vintage Diamond and Citrine Ring
    Small and sweet gestures are the only way to make a Sagittarian girl go head over heels. Watch her favorite movie, cook a meal, lay the table and bring her favorite wine and ask her to marry you with an exquisite band or cushion shaped blue topaz ring and she will be yours forever.Propose Saggitarius Women With Cushion Shaped Blue Topaz Ring
    Perfection is the way to Capricorn’s heart. Take her to that play or concert she has wanted to see and make sure the evening is just perfect. Follow up the evening with a dinner and order the best red wine that matches the color of the beautiful garnet ring that you have selected for her. Yes, garnet is the zodiac birthstone for your Capricorn woman. Choose a cushion cut or round garnet solitaire with a diamond halo ring that will surely make her heart skip a beat.Propose Capricorn Women With Cushion Cut Garnet Ring
    Look for the most exotic location to propose to your Aquarius woman as her personality seeks excitement and adventure. A unique blend of mischief and deeply introspective nature, she will love the idea of a proposal on a hot air balloon. Amethyst and garnet both symbolize depth of emotion and a halo style gorgeous amethyst or garnet ring will be just the perfect choice for a ring she will cherish forever.Propose Aquarius Women With Halo Style Amethyst Ring
  12. PISCES
    Pisces women are highly emotional; so whatever you plan, make sure each and every thing has an emotional value to it. You can try baking a cake for her or even take her to a romantic movie where you can propose to her with an engagement ring that is perfect not only in its design but also in what it symbolizes. Aquamarine is the zodiac birthstone of your Pisces girl, a true symbol of peace and tranquility. Choose a classic diamond and aquamarine ring to show your love and commitment.Propose Pisces Women With classic Diamond and Aquamarine Ring

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