Rubies for This New Mom!

We have good news that the loving couple Sienna Miller and her fiancé Tom Sturridge are blessed with a child. However, that is all we have managed to get from one of the media reports. So, while we are happy to know that the couple has welcomed their first child in London, we have to wait for details like the gender of the baby, name and other vital statistics. But with the July born coming into the family, Miller deserves a ruby as the push gift.

Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge  Their First Child Born in LondonRound Ruby and Diamond Ring

This bit is for all those who missed out on other details. This British duo has been dating for nearly a year now and the first sign that they want to take their relationship to the next level was evident from the beautiful diamond engagement ring that adorns Miller’s finger. Though we have no official statement regarding the date of the engagement, but we assume that it happened sometime in mid-February.

Miller's Diamond Engagement Ring

The couple has been very quiet about their affair and pregnancy. Only once has the actress given an interview to a British fashion magazine. Her statement here also showed that this private lady prefers to be left alone. She said she is feeling fine and everything is progressing nicely and that, she is very excited. She however added that she is under strict instructions not to say anything about it. She explained that if she speaks, it would beat the very point that she is trying to achieve in the last eight years.

Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge Their Affair & Pregnancy

We hope that now the woes that Miller’s relationship with Alfie co-star Jude Law brought for her are over. If she wears a ruby, it will bring both wisdom and happiness. Rubies also bring good luck to lovers.

Miller's Relationship With Jude LawOval, Round Ruby and Diamond Earrings

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