Fun Things to Do On Thanksgiving Day

Its family time! Its Thanksgiving time! That time of the year where the entire family comes together to spend a fun-filled holiday weekend is Thanksgiving Day. No wonder, it is a day we all look forward to! Indeed it is a day to gorge on sumptuous feasts but there is a lot more to Thanksgiving than a delicious meal. Let us make these holiday celebrations more fun and festive with some amazing ideas that will ensure you have a gala time with your family this Thanksgiving.

Fun Things to Do On Thanksgiving Day

    As it is Thanksgiving, you must be having guests coming over. This year you can impress your guests by decorating your home as well as your dining table with cool DIY home décor ideas. Sit with the kids and create your own placemats, table settings using your crafty skills! You can play with the theme of your home or even personalize your napkins. Try and prepare some interesting presents for your guests, as well. Such activities will surely make this festival a memorable one for you and your family.

    DIY HOME DÉCOR for Thanksgiving

    What could be better than the complete family doing their bit in preparing the Thanksgiving meal? Helping your wife or your mom will not only make her happy but will also add more joyous moments to the celebration. The outcome: A delicious and mouth-watering meal (along with some precious memories)!


    A game of football is another Thanksgiving tradition that takes a large part of our day. But, this time instead of watching a game, try playing one with your family and guests. You could also try some other fun outdoor games like hide and seek, tag, etc. It is just about going out and enjoying each minute of this day with your loved ones.

    PLAY  FOOTBALL with your family and guests on thanksgiving day

    After a hefty meal and an exciting football game, it is time to just sit together and share your most memorable moments with everyone around. You can turn it into a game as well, for example, you can pick a topic such as my favorite childhood memories and then everyone can share their memories one by one. It is also a time to express your gratitude and thanks to your loved ones, Make sure you do it before the day gets over.

share memories

These small activities will make your Thanksgiving Day a memorable one. So, make the most of it and enjoy this holiday season to the fullest. Do share with us your favorite holiday moments this year in the comment section below.

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