Tips to Buy Ruby Jewelry

For centuries ruby jewelry is a part of many royal vaults. The blood red rubies with shimmering beauty are the most sought after gemstones from time immemorial. Ruby jewelry can be breathtakingly charming and just exceptional!

Those blood red rubies set in fine gold or platinum are simply splendid and ravishing. The heart capturing ruby jewelry needs a little attention of mind while buying. So when you are purchasing a pair of ruby earrings or a dazzling ruby ring then remember few things about the charming stone which will ease shopping and result in a treasured jewelry.

Heart Ruby and Diamond PendantRound Ruby and Diamond Heart Earrings

Ruby is a member of corundum mineral family with a distinct red color. It scores 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness and ranges from light to intense red in hues. Its hardness helps it to resist any sort of physical deformation. Due to this rubies are highly demanded in fine jewelry because they can be cut into any shape and set in every style.

The size, quality and color are the major value deciding factors for ruby. Bigger rubies are comparatively more expensive but smaller rubies with lesser inclusions can excide the bigger ones in price. Rubies naturally have inclusions which relatively lowers the quality and price of any piece.

Oval Ruby and Diamond Border EarringsRound Ruby Contemporary Hoop Earrings

While buying ruby jewelry, check for stones with minimum inclusions and maximum brightness as it will enhance the beauty and charm of the jewelry. Blood red rubies with no inclusions are highly expensive and rare.

Many times rubies are heat treated to enhance the color and to hide the inclusions. Before buying the jewelry ask your jeweler about the treatments. It is also an important factor in deciding the quality and price. Apart from heat treatment sometimes dyes are used to intensify the color and surface coating is used to hide the surface inclusions. These are not so good and coating could be wearied off with time.

Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Three Stone RingRound Ruby and Diamond Rings

Along with the quality of ruby concentrate on the style and design of the jewelry you are buying. As ruby jewelry is perfect for all occasions so you can wear it anytime and every time. If you wish to gift it to someone then pick a jewelry design with some symbolic meaning. It will bring more meaning to your present.

Whether you are buying a ruby ring or a pendant, necklace or even ruby earrings, you should not forget to check the quality of the stone as this is the most important factor of ruby jewelry which actually lends grace and elegance to your selection.

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