Channel-Set Ruby Jewelry

Channel-Set Ruby Ring and EarringsSometimes with a single element in your ensemble you can create an effect and impact that is not just attractive but also classy. For those of us who like to dress well and look charming it is important to select what we wear with care. So right from the clothes to the accessories, the makeup and of course the jewelry, each has a role to play in building up a look that is lovely. One thing deserves mention here and this is the correct choice of jewelry. Trust me where with a single piece you can make heads turn similarly with the wrong one you can mar the entire look so it is very important that you select the right looking jewelry that is perfect for a particular outfit and occasion.

Now jewelry also has so many nuances and a dozen details that contribute towards its look and give it both beauty and distinction. Besides since this is something that is like an investment with a considerable amount of money involved it becomes all the more important that you pay careful attention to every detail before you finally decide on a piece. So right from the design and the stones to the metal and setting, everything has to look in sync and only then will a stunning piece take birth.

One element that plays a key role in deciding the overall look of a piece is the setting. Mostly we tend to ignore this very vital part not realizing that the entire look can be altered by changes in this. Also many of us are not even aware of the fact that there are many types of settings that are used by jewelers each with a unique look and appeal that lends its personal touch to the piece. One such example is the channel setting. In this particular type, stones of uniform dimension are placed in a row with no individual support or prongs. The stones usually small sized ones are fit in a channel with two strips of metals holding on to them from both sides and creating continuity and beauty.

Channel Setting Ruby JewelryChannel setting has a charm of its own and looks especially good in rings and bracelets especially if they are adorned with the gorgeous red rubies. It is true that this regal gemstone has the of capacity of adding grandeur to any piece and making them stand out, besides when set in this wonderful way it brings out a whole new look and the outcome is something utterly gorgeous. Whether as rings, earrings pendants or bracelets the look is one of stylish beauty. Besides the distinct look of the setting along with the ravishing company of rubies together create an aura that is magnificent.

One look and you’re sure to fall in love with this heady combination of gem and setting together making magic and whether you opt for a single piece or are tempted to indulge in a complete set one thing is for certain you will definitely make lasting impressions when you don them.

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