Ruby Engagement Rings

Try Ruby Engagement Rings, The True Royal Choice!

Ruby, also known as the king of gems, symbolizes passion, courage, and strong emotion. So, diamonds may be the conventional choice for engagement ring, but if you do not pay heed to convention and are the kind who wants to do something different ruby engagement ring is just for you.

           Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Three Stone RingSquare Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Border RingSquare Ruby and Diamond Ring

Even ruby engagement rings have not been in the trend. Her Royal Highness Princess Anne chose a ruby and diamond ring for her engagement to Captain Mark Phillips. Even, Charles Earl Spencer had given a Ruby and Diamond heart shaped engagement ring to his wife Victoria Lockwood.

Another member of royal family, Prince Andrew gave one to his wife Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. The ring has a bright ruby at the center surrounded by mesmerizing diamonds.

           Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Split Shank RingEmerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Three Stone RingSquare Emerald Cut Ruby and Diamond Border Ring

All this just shows how it is coveted by royalty over generations. The blazing brilliance of this red gemstone has always quickened the pulse and stirred the flame of desire. So, what can be better way to show your undying love for your beloved than giving her a ruby ring on your engagement? Interestingly, the durability of this precious gemstone ensures that ruby jewelry survives many generations.

When buying this gemstone remember to find out the right value of the stone based on the four C’s, Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. The more vivid and intense the color of the ruby, the more expensive it is.

           Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank RingHeart Ruby and Diamond Twin Heart RingOval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Besides royalty even the Grunge rocker Kurt Cobain gave fellow rocker Courtney Love a 5-carat diamond-and-ruby engagement ring. Unfortunately for Love, the ring was stolen on Valentine’s Day in 1995.

The most recent instance of a ruby engagement ring is Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring. This beautiful ring actually has three stones, one large ruby in the middle, surrounded by two diamonds. The singer got engaged to former pro football player Eric Johnson.

           Oval Ruby and Diamond RingRound Rubyand Diamond Flower RingRound Ruby Curve Ring

Besides royalty, celebrities are also looked upon as the shining stars and their fans try to mimic them. Celebs generally set fashion trends that common people follow. People idealize their favorite celebrities, so they influence everything from special hairdo to make-up trends and even jewelry and outfits.

These trends are exhibited on events like award shows or other public events where they are in the limelight. Scarlett Johansson recently set the jewelry trend, as she wore Ruby Stud Earrings on the Academy Awards (2011). Her fans would love to get the look alike piece of earrings to get that stylish look and follow the jewelry trends of their favorite celebrity.

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