Ruby Pendants

Ruby, is truly the king of gems with its enchanting deep red hue and all the mystical powers tagged to its name. This gemstone is the symbol of love, and longing. When you gift someone a ruby you give them love and a gift that keeps the love and affection of your life intact throughout. These gemstones have always shown great presence throughout the history. This comes under the family of Corundum.

   Oval Ruby and Diamond Border PendantPear Ruby and Diamond Flower PendantPear Ruby and Diamond V Bale Pendant


Ruby proves to be an excellent choice for jewelry with its brilliance and mystical powers. They stand second to the allegorical diamonds in terms of hardness. Although ruby is generally known to be red in hue, it’s available in different hues ranging from purplish red to yellowish red. The finest of the family is the ruby with a tint of blue.

   Round Ruby Designer Heart PendantHeart Ruby and Diamond PendantRound Ruby Heart Pendant

All these qualities along with the brilliance and the alluring power of it makes ruby an excellent choice for pendants. Ruby pendants go with ant outfits when paired with solitaire earrings. Another type of ruby pendant is the journey pendants. It’s the best gift you could give anyone. Of all the types of ruby pendants that have seen the markets, the key pendants have been become a hit.

   Round Ruby Key PendantMarquise Ruby Cross PendantRound Ruby and Diamond Dangling Pendant

The celebrities who are the lovers of the ruby pendants are Taylor Swift and Dakota Fanning. The cross pendant, another member of the ruby pendant family is considered sacred as it’s considered as the symbol of Christianity.

Choosing to go for one of the world’s most demanding stone available is a good option especially when you are a July born. For the reasons above, Ruby Pendant is obviously an addition on for an extra stabilized life in future.

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