Earrings for Every Style

Earrings have been part of jewelry from times immemorial. They are decorative style statement which adds beauty to your face. Earrings were first come into existence in Asia and Middle East. In those days earrings were considered the bling for high class. The large flashy earrings of Queen Victoria were in vogue in 19th century. Even today earrings have a very exclusive place in fashion trends.

Different occasions and styles need different earrings. For every look you wear, you can pop it with varied types of earrings. The basic two types of earrings are pierced and clip-on. Pierced are the more famous and are always in high demand. There are studs, hoops, dangles and chandeliers in pierced earrings style which come in many designs.

Princess Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the simpler and smaller once. They are the forever classics that equally charm every look. Solitaire studs or multi stone designs suit all type of faces. They work well with day and night fashion.

Pear Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Hoop earrings are the oldest that date back to about 2000 BC. They come in different sizes and perfectly match with formal as well as casual wear.

Round Amethyst Drop Earrings

Drops are the once that hang loosely from earlobe. They could be bigger than hoops and flavor the looks that need more details. You can pair them with bold necklace or simply wear them at their own.

Oval Pink Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Bold, ostentatious and decorative as chandelier, these sassy and flashy Chandelier earrings have their own style statement. They look great with updo or half-up hair style as that gives maximum exposure to them. For that red carpet look, they are the best choice. Don a pair of chandeliers and you don’t need any jewelry to accessorize your mesmerizing looks.

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