Penelope’s love for ruby and diamond earrings

Though her worth is far above than rubies, she is one of the biggest fanatics of the royal red. Penelope Cruz, the princess of Hollywood, has an intense love for the fabulous red and the sparkling white charms. Recently, in Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2014, Penelope Cruz flabbergasted the floor with a hot black look.

Penelope Cruz in Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2014

She wore a full black falling gown and completed her look with a lustrous pair of ruby and diamond earrings. The ear candies were like half-moon that beautifully wrapped the lower part of her ears. They were a random concave pattern of exquisite reds and dazzling whites. What a heterogeneity Cruz came out with; a combination like this is expected only from some of the spunky actresses like her.

From the history of many such events, it has been perceived that a fashionable dress, a bare neckline and a pair of pretty earrings have been the essentials of Penelope. And many of her ear blings are an impeccable fusion of the radiance of rubies and the glint of diamonds. In the 80th Annual Academy Awards, held in the year 2008, she arrived on the red carpet with a feather-trimmed dress.

Penelope Cruz in Annual Academy Awards 2008

Her jewelry included a stunning pair of danglers, which finely held dainty ruby and diamond crystals. They were again something fashionable she adorned, complementing with her extremely stylish one-piece and exposed neck. Also, the style of earrings was a little unique in the sense that the two ends were the flower patterning of reds and whites, along with three diamond chunks in between the top and the cheek-kissing tail ends. The whole look of Cruz was heart-stirring.

Ruby and Diamond Earrings

This is how the flaming red gemstones are adored by our A-list divas. They have been the eternal symbol of pride and pomposity, throughout centuries.

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