Round Ruby and Diamond Margarita Studs

The color “Red” looks appealing and sensuous when worn as a little dress, carried as a clutch, put as nail paint or worn as gem stone jewelry. There is some magic in this color that no woman ever gets tired or bored wearing this hue.

Round Ruby and Diamond Margarita Studs Ruby is the most popular gemstone that is used to bring the red color to the jewelry and its use dates back to the times immemorial. Queen Elizabeth was a great fan of this precious gemstone and she got the rubies studded in her tiara, earrings and necklace.

The charm of wearing ruby earrings have never faded and the women love adorning their ear lobes with them. If you are in search of a stunning pair of ruby earrings, then check out the “Round Ruby and Diamond Margarita Studs”.

The pair features beautiful round shaped ruby gem stone in the center which is surrounded by small sparkling diamonds. The screw back ensures safety and there is no risk of earrings getting slipped off the ear lobe!

There is an interesting feature that makes these earrings fit into any sized pocket. You can choose the quality of the gem and its carat weight. This will largely affect the price factor. There is also an option to choose the type of metal. You can choose the white gold, yellow gold or the platinum metal. Where the white metal setting gives them a stylish and fashionable look, the yellow gold adds color to the pair and makes it look elegant and graceful.

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