Square Ruby Studs

The color red has an effect on all of us whether we admit it or not. Bold, rich and beautiful this is one shade that try as you may you can never ignore. So when it comes in form of jewelry it definitely seeks the attention it deserves. Imagine the regal red rubies a part of any piece and you’ll know exactly what I mean. These gorgeous stones have been the love of the royals of yesteryears and till date they continue to capture our hearts with their beauty and distinction. Square Ruby StudsAlthough they are more than welcome in any form of jewelry when they are part of your favorite earrings they definitely are all the more sought after. So a pair of studs when set with these incredible stones becomes a favorite in no time. Stylish and stunning, a pair comes alive with color and vitality when these radiant red gems are part of it. In this case the square shape of the stones lends a unique allure that is undeniably beautiful.

What sets this pair apart from the rest is actually the shape of the stones for the angular effect gives a chic and contemporary look that is irresistible. Also the white gold setting accentuates the rich hue of the gems perfectly. No matter what you wear or where you go you will always make a strong fashion statement if you opt to wear this pair of incredible looking studs set with the most splendid stones over.

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