The Magic Of Ruby Earrings

I always feel that there is something missing in my closet whenever I search a dress for going to a party or even dressing up for my regular office.  Have you ever wondered why this happens? It’s been 20 years since I own my private wardrobe, but still struggling to find why it seems incomplete every time I want to go for a dinner with family and friends.

The Magic Of Ruby Earrings and Black Dress

One day when I had to go on a date with my boyfriend (which was a special evening for both of us), I was too troubled finding a perfect outfit for myself. Tired of trying all styles I have made my eyes teary since I couldn’t find anything appropriate for the occasion.

 black dress

All of a sudden, my eyes turned to an oldfangled and cast-off knee-length dress that I don’t remember when I bought it. It was an age-old high-school dress that enticed my attention. I was not sure about wearing it for that special occasion, but somewhere I was falling for it once again. The best part was I could fit in that dress like before.

After wearing it, the first thought that arose was what exceptional I can do to jazz up that dress.  I then realized what more than jewelry can make a difference and a statement. I started seeking my jewelry box and what I found was my most precious and favorite pair of ruby dangling earrings.
ruby earringThough it was a black dress but they created a stunning contrast with it and instantly transformed that outdated outfit in an incredibly gorgeous one. I was overwhelmed and amazed to see that how a pair of earrings can prove to be a blessing when you have fallen in such a wardrobe mess. These earrings are a treasure I have (dearest to my heart), and will always keep them until eternity.

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