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Ruby Jewelry Will Win Her Heart!

There is no woman in this whole world who has enough of jewelry and when she is presented with a radiant ruby jewelry, it is most welcomed.

Ruby Gemstone Jewelry

Ruby Gemstone Jewelry

If you are pondering over how to win her heart, then try gifting her ruby jewelry. This won’t fail. The glistening rings, earrings and/or pendant in ruby are attractive enough to make her say “Yes”. If added sparkle is needed, try the ones which have diamonds in them. The ruby jewels that are in heart shape become all the more symbolic for the purpose. You can also think about the ones which have other gems in combination with ruby.

Natural Ruby Gemstone Jewelry

Whichever piece you choose to present to her, one thing is very clear that it will win her heart in no time and your choice will be loved!

Red is the color of Rubies

The red hue of a fresh rose can fill romance in any heart. This romance is also sprinkled around with the gemstone Ruby. This red colored gemstone has ruled the hearts of people since times immemorial.

Heart Ruby Solitaire Pendant

Though the people as British Royals, Hollywood actresses and commoners have loved rubies alike, but Queen Elizabeth creates a special niche for herself amongst all these. She possessed some of the fine pieces of ruby gemstone studded jewelry. Let’s have a look at some of them-

· Burmese Ruby Tiara- Queen was very fond of this tiara and she often wore it for many important events. This piece of jewelry is very unique and is in the form of a wreath of beautiful red roses. The tiara is known as the Burmese Ruby Tiara and the roses here are made of rubies and gold and the petals are made of white diamonds and silver. The ideal use of rubies and diamonds give a striking effect to this tiara. The metals gold and silver used together create a beautiful effect. This majestic tiara has 96 Burmese rubies studded in it. These rubies were gift from the people of Burma to the Queen on her wedding.

Burmese Ruby Tiara

· Bandeau Necklace- Queen’s parents’ bought this Victorian style necklace to present her on the day of her wedding. It is a V shaped necklace which ends with pear shaped diamond drop. The necklace has a floral concept and have diamonds and rubies studded in it.

Bandeau Necklace

Build Your Own Opal Jewelry

A lavish display of numerous colors in a single stone will make anybody want more. That too when you’re told you can have them in all kinds of jewelry in the style and design you’ve always wanted. Yes, you can now create a whole new range with the gorgeous opals jewelry and make them exactly the way you wish.
opal pendant Jewelry
Start by elaborating on the design and here you need to be careful as you’re creating an entire set that includes earrings, ring and pendant. Go through every detail; the number of opals, inclusion of other stones, the style and look etc. Look for the perfect stones based on these facts.

These are unique stones so be careful as each gem is different from the other with its distinct play of hues. Since you’re creating a set it makes sense to buy stones that have some common element and color. Always source them from an authentic store where you get good quality stones at fair prices.
Opal Ring

Next, look for the settings to go with them and pick simple or detailed ones depending on your design and preference. Opt for a metal that looks good with your gems whether white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Ensure the settings are strong and the closures safe with a firm grip on your precious stones.

Lastly consult a professional jeweler who will give the final shape to your creations and you will have a brand new range of the most fascinating jewelry with the awesome opals.

Reasons to wear Ruby Jewelry

Ruby jewelry is one of the most prized assets of royals since antiquity. Available in various styles like ruby rings, ruby earrings, ruby pendants and necklaces, ruby jewelry is the most desired choice of fashion lovers in every era. Found in various shapes, sizes and qualities, rubies offer an array of reasons to choose them for your dream jewelry.

Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is a perfect gemstone for classic engagement rings, bridal jewelry and fashion jewelry. No matter what the occasion is, ruby jewelry adorably complements the look in the most refined manner. You want to know why and how? Here are the reasons:


Loose Ruby

Red is the color of roses, it is the color of love; it is the color of blood and is the color of ruby. Found in most possible hues of red, ruby is loved for its bright and beautiful association with most romantic feelings – thanks to its color. The pigeon’s blood red is the most sought after color for ruby, which is the most prized hue of the gem. Crimson red, deep red, pinkish red and various other shades of red can also be found in ruby and are often seen in jewelry.


Ruby is a hardness of 9 on moh’s scale

Ruby is the second hardest gem with a hardness of 9 on moh’s scale. This member of corundum family has a hexagonal structure. The hardness of this gem allows gem cutters to give it any shape. The cutting also enhances the clarity and color of the stone. While round, oval, pear and square are the traditional shapes, the stone can also be cut into fancy shapes like marquise, heart etc.

Birthstone and Anniversary Stone

Round Ruby Pendant

Ruby is the birthstone for people lucky enough to be born in July. This enchanting gem is believed to bestow love, success and powers on its owner. Also, the gem is attributed as the anniversary stone for 15th, 40th and 80th years. That ways, ruby jewelry makes a stunning gift for many lucky people in your life.


Ruby is the royal jewelry

As mentioned earlier, ruby is a royal stone; it is therefore obvious to have a well-defined history. Ruby engagement rings are well received by royal couples and rubies were a part of British coronation rings. The gemstone is also extensively used in tiaras, crowns, parures and suits of bygone era. In fact, ruby was called as the ‘king of gems’ for its bewitching beauty and passionate looks.

Add Some Flair

Office! Office! Office! Is the work keeping you from socializing? So, let’s do a little change and make the workplace a go to place by wearing some of these trendy Angara jewels.

Office Jewelry

A crisp pant or skirt suit is an ideal office wear and a pair of simple drop earrings can give it an extra flair. It is an impeccable accessory which gives you a sophisticated edge. As for pairing you can either go for a pendant on a chain or a simple ring.

Office  Dress & Jewelries

Here are some interesting combinations, please share your pick.

World Famous Rubies

Ruby, the renowned member of corundum family and sibling of sapphire, is one of the four precious stones that have been in vogue for generations.

It’s the red splendor of ruby that cast a spell on the onlookers and wearers equally. It’s not known when and how this gem came in contact with human civilization. But according to the ancient scraps ruby mining dates back to more than 2,500 years. And since then rubies are a must have part of jewelry especially for royals.

Sarah, Duchess of York’s ruby engagement ring

The world already knew the story behind Sarah, Duchess of York’s ruby engagement ring and we are also very familiar to the iconic collection of Legendary Elizabeth Taylor. But there are still few facts and figures that could amaze you.

Elizabeth Taylor Ruby Jewelry Collection

Let’s find out few of these interesting ruby tales which could add more sense to your next ruby shopping.

  • Ruby is second hardest gem with 9.0 on moh’s scale. That means it could be cut into any desired shape, set in any style and could be worn without any extra-special care. Loose Ruby
  • It’s a gem for wisdom, passion, love, romance and curiosity; therefore it has been an integral part of royal jewels. The-Hope-Ruby-ring-Chaumet-Lily-Safra-Collection-Christies
    A cushion cut Burmese ruby and diamond ring of 32.04 carat holds the record of highest ruby sold ever. This ring from the collection of philanthropist Lily Safra was auctioned at Christie’s and fetched $6.7million.
  • Smithsonian Institute houses the Rosser Reeves star ruby which is considered to be the largest star ruby in existence. This 137-carat cabochon star ruby was insured in 1966 for the sum of $150,000. 002452
    Another famous ruby in history is the Edwardes Ruby that weighs 167 carats. The gem was named for Major General Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes who saved the British rule in India during the years of mutiny. It was donated by John Ruskin to the British Museum of Natural History in 1887.

Ruby Red Will Bring a Positive Change in Myleene Klass’ Life

We have all pitied her after her husband walked on her and their two children. However, Myleene Klass does not need pity her latest photo shoot shows that she is ready for a positive change in her life. Recently the classical musician put on display her glamorous side which shows the Klass she belongs to and ruby jewelry will be a perfect gemstone accessory as she is trying to bring her life back on track.

Myleene Klass Ready for a Positive Change in Her Life

Difficult personal relationships leaves one drained and the red gemstone is a good thing as it protects and gives confidence. Even for her dress color, Myleene has opted for a ruby red dress to brighten her spirits. The latest pictures that were shot for and show this former singer has nice curves along with her inner strength.

Myleene Klass Wear Red Color Dress

It is evident that Myleene is confidently moving on in her life and recently she had gone to a holiday and on her return she looked amazing. This mother-of-two also had her two adorable daughters Hero and Ava travelling along with her.

Myleene Klass With Her Two Children

Even her split has not affected her look but she manages to sparkle in this beautiful red dress. T is reported that Myleene had an interesting holiday in the States and the three girls spent their time away bonding together after Myleene’s marriage ended with Graham Quinn. Myleene had met Quinn more than a decade ago in 2001. At that time Myleene was part of a pop group Hear’Say for which Quinn was a bodyguard.

Myleene Klass Wear Beautifull Sparkal Dress

They got engaged in 2005 but waited for another five years and finally got married in 2010 at a ceremony with only 16 guests. But just two years later they split when it was found that Mr Quinn has jumped bail after he was arrested in Ireland for heroin possession.

Myleene Klass Marriage With Mr. Quinn in 2005

Taylor Sees ‘Red’, so is Ruby Her Lucky Gem!

July may be over but it seems that the passion for red, the color of July birthstone ruby is still on. Country crooner Taylor Swift announced that her new New Album is ‘Red’ and it will hit the shelves on October 22. Giving the details why she chose name ‘Red’she said that emotions like intense love, jealousy, intense frustration are red. According to her there is nothing beige about any of these feelings and so the red color of rubies can be the best gift for people experiencing these “red” emotions.

Taylor Swift  & Conor Kennedy Announced Her New Album 'Red'

Rubies are always seen as a symbol of intense love and can be the perfect thing for the singer who had an action-packed weekend with the Kennedy clan in Hyannisport. Reports are that she has spent a cool $5 million to buy a house next door to her new boyfriend Conor Kennedy.

taylor swift & Her Boyfriends Cool $5 Million To Buy A House

On the weekend, Taylor was seen wearing a red polka-dot bikini top as red is now Taylor’s new favorite shade. Speculations are rife that this new album will have some reference to her new romance with the Kennedy scion.

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy

Talking to her fans as well as 65000 people who had tuned into her official YouTube channel she said that everyone knows that she tends write songs on love-related things and this album is no different. According to her this new CD is about the crazy intense, tumultuous, semi-toxic relationships, that she has experienced in the last two years.

Taylor Swift's 65000 Fans

The first song of the album is dedicated to her ex-boyfriend and is bound to hit the chords with the fans with a catchy line “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together”.

Taylor Swift's First Song of the Album is Dedicated to Her Ex-Boyfriend

What do you think of Taylor’s new romance, do you think it will work or it will have the same fate as her previous relationships with Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Joe Jonas.

Jake GyllenhaalTaylor LautnerJohn MayerJoe Jonas

Ruby Jewelry for the ‘Special Someone’

Love has its own language. There are plenty of signs and symbols here. When you love someone, you wish to express it in a unique way. You might choose a bunch of red roses or a box of strawberries or can pick a soft red heart for your sweetheart. But when you want to mark the moment for ever, nothing except an intense red ruby could do that for you.

Red Ruby Is Symbols Of LoveHeart Ruby Solitaire Pendant

When it is to please a lady, you should choose ruby jewelry, because this is unmatched. It does not matter whether she already has a few ruby baubles, a classic ring or a motif pendant as a gift from you will always make her feel special.

Ruby Jewelry Sets

It is her birthday, Valentine’s Day, first anniversary of your relationship or any ‘just for you’ moment. The bright red glamour of ruby jewelry is effective here to permanently paint it with the color of your love.

Pear Ruby and Diamond PendantRound Ruby and Diamond Heart EarringsThe Allure Ring

Be it a pair of classic ruby studs, a solitaire ruby ring or a tennis bracelet, it will always remain close to her heart and would remind her of your eternal passionate love and true and unconditional devotion.

Round Ruby StudsThe Solitaire Cathedral Ring

If you are willing to make it official this summer, then let ruby be your special partner. Choose a ruby engagement ring to ask her hand in marriage. This is the ‘King of Gems’. Be the king of her heart till eternity.

The Palisades Ring

Ruby Jewelry at Christie’s

There must be something mystical about ruby. Recently, when the news of Lily Safra’s record making jewelry auction surfaced on the Internet, the fact that ruby is the ‘King of Gems’ was established again. This time it fetched a whopping $6.7 million!

Mrs. Safra’s ‘Jewels of hope’ auction brought in an impressive $38 million, from which the $6.7 million booty was the result of a 32.08 carats Burmese ruby and diamond ring. This Pigeon’s blood red cushion cut ruby ring achieved the record of the highest sale for any ruby at an auction.


Honestly, I was startled when I saw the ring. I wanted to find many other such legendry ruby jewels. At the same auction, I found the ruby encrusted brooch from JAR, which was again a heart capturing piece from the Lily Safra’s collection.


The Christie’s Geneva auction featured a group of 18 jewels. It was the largest collection of JAR that was auctioned ever. Many of the jewels from this collection came from Mrs. Safra. Along with the above mentioned Ruby Camellia Brooch, there was also a pair of clips that was studded with rubies.


These Mugal Tulip Ear Clips by JAR, designed in 1987, exhibits a yellow and a blue sapphire in the center with ruby accents and a diamond lining.

The next red hot look was auctioned at Christie’s Hong Kong. This 6.04 carats Burmese ruby and diamond ring was a masterpiece. It was exceptional, as the ruby in this ring was untreated, and yet, it

6-carat Buramese ruby and diamond ring

As I am talking about ruby jewelry, I can’t forget to mention the legendry Hollywood beauty Elizabeth Taylor. Liz was among the few jewelry lovers who held the rarest and the most exquisite jewelry items.

Late in December 2011 and in January 2012, Christie’s had auctioned many of her exceptional jewels. The auction was a record hit. It grossed many times more than the estimated collection.

Elizabeth’s pearl necklace

This was the last item to go up on the auction, but Liz obviously has much more to offer. However, this was among the favorite jewels of Taylor. The ruby and diamond necklace and the ruby ring were given to Liz by Mike Todd.


I haven’t got the exact carat numbers of these pieces yet, but I’ll soon find out. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the beauty and brilliance of these ruby jewels, and if you desire to have one like them, and that too at a reasonable pocket-friendly price, then you will do well to visit online retail stores like Check out the collection there. We are sure that you will be impressed.

Huge Discount on Angara Ruby Jewelry