Add the Beauty of Spring to Your Love with a Ruby Ring

Today I saw the mesmerizing and enchanting images of my favorite Tulips. The images showing the carpets of these pristine flowers reminded me that the season of love and life is on full bloom. The beautiful tulips in awe-inspiring red looks have already covered the entire Europe. I love tulip fields with hues of red because they give me the feeling of riches, royalties and rubies.


And if I’m saying this, it has a reason. Spring is the best know season for expression of love. It is the time when nature creates a beautiful symphony for people in love. And with its blossoms, lush fields and bright shiny sky, it creates a romantic environment that from every inch symbolize love and royal grace.

Round-Ruby-and-Diamond-Tapered-Shank-Ring Round-Ruby-and-Diamond-Ring

And as we are thinking about a spring proposal, we can’t miss a charming ruby engagement ring because like the beauty of nature, the beauty of ruby also signifies imperial elegance and flamboyance.

Like red tulips, molten red rubies also symbolize passion, romance and love. Ruby engagement rings for ages have been a part of dazzling proposals. With time only the designs may have changed a bit but the essence of its elite beauty is same and it is even increasing with every moment.

In bygone era especially during the reign of Queen Victoria, ruby rings were the symbol of royalty and high status. This rare gem was limited only for aristocrats.

But now this is not a case and if you think to pamper your sweetheart with a ruby ring then options are unlimited for you. From solitaire ruby rings encrusted by halo diamonds to three stone and filigree rings, endless options are available in the market.

Imagine, she’ll smile with surprise when you’ll say ‘I Love You’ with a ruby ring in a field of tulips. What a wonderful thought. so if you are planning to propose her or to celebrate the season with a romantic date, then a ruby ring in the field of red tulips is incomparable.

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