All About Ruby – The July Birthstone

July is here and soon we will be celebrating 4th of July. With Independence Day, there will be many birthdays to celebrate in this second month of summers. Of course, the outdoor summer weddings are also here to celebrate as well.

With so many things to celebrate and cherish, July is a wonderful month to talk about ruby – the birthstone of July. Whether it is your birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, the perfect gift to commemorate is a piece of ruby jewelry. One of the ancient and most precious gemstones, ruby symbolize success, devotion and integrity. A passionate gem brings peace to mind and love to heart.

Ruby History and Meaning
Known as the ‘King of Gems’, ruby in ancient history was believed to protect wearers from evil spirits and negative thoughts. Due to its mystical powers, it was worn as talisman and amulets. Regarded as a gem of nobility, ruby jewelry signifies passion, protection and prosperity. Therefore, ruby was one of the most precious gems in most royal treasures. Moreover, it was a sacred gem for coronation. Queen Elizabeth II also had a ruby coronation rings.

Ruby Vinatge Ring

Derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning red, ruby was so dear to heart that once Emperor of China Kublai Khan offered an entire city in exchange for a single piece. ruby was believed to enhance leadership skills and decision-making powers, therefore it was worn by kings, political rulers and head of warrior tribes.

Significance of Ruby
Ruby also radiates warmth and luminosity that connects the stone with love, passion and other emotions. It is for this reason that ruby jewelry makes a perfect gift for a loving occasion since its discovery.

This beautiful red gem also have curative properties. It improves blood circulation, adds to strength, vitality and boasts confidence.july-birthstone-ruby

As a birthstone of July, ruby perfectly epitomizes the fiery heart of summertime. A representative of sun, ruby emanates inextinguishable flame that energizes mind and soul. If you are born in July, you must be devoted, courageous, confident and full of vitality.

Perfect Gift
You can celebrate your birthday with a fine piece of ruby jewelry. It will not only add sparkles to your special day but will shine bright for a lifetime. This timeless appeal of ruby is a prominent reason why people buy ruby jewelry.

Ruby Jewelry Gifts

If you have a wedding or a proposal in line, ruby engagement ring and wedding bands as well as bridal jewelry makes the best accessory to commemorate the event. It also makes a romantic gift for 40th anniversary and offers a promising way to convey love on Valentine’s Day.Ruby Facts


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