Art-deco Inspired Jewelry will Take The Center Stage in 2012

If you have a keen eye on the world of fashion and entertainment, you may have noticed the 1920s trend is back on runways and red carpets.

Many films and television shows have featured the vintage style in dresses and jewelry and the designers in last year have come up with good experimental designs. With celebrity and royalty vintage looks, many are picking it for them.

It is therefore clear that the coming year will be the year of vintage style especially art-deco looks. If you are also conscious about your style senses and wants to be updated about the pretty upcoming then it’s good for you to understand a little about history which will soon become trend.

Whether it is Princess Catherine or Natilia Portman, most of the celebrities were in antique looks. Their engagement rings have been a topic of discussion and they actually became a style statement.

Antique or vintage style is style of old times. Be it Gothic or Art Deco and even retro, all are different forms of antique jewelry from the old world. The coming year would more likely be inspired by the Art Deco style of 1920s when geometric shapes with different colors were in demand. It was a very popular antique style and came into existing as a protest against Art Nouveau style.

Round-Sapphire-and-Diamond-Three-Stone-Ring-in-14k-White-Gold_SR0230SH Round-Diamond-Wedding-Ring-Set-in-14k-White-Gold_SD_SR0170D

The designs of this style are mostly the geometric shapes or flower motifs with colored accent stones. Bold and rich patterns are a specialty of this style. White gold and platinum holding bold center stone with contrast colored or similar accent stones give this style a true vintage designation.

Pear-Ruby-and-Diamond-Earrings-in-14k-Yellow-Gold_SEY0101RG Oval-Aquamarine-and-Diamond-Cross-Over-Pendant-in-14K-White-Gold_SP0116AQ

Due to the extensive detailing and designing the style will be a popular trend in the coming year. If you think you’ll be up and ahead with the latest style in the coming year then you must start with picking some art-deco rings to complement your looks. You can also choose cocktail rings, bracelets, earrings and necklace to punctuate your fashion senses.

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