Ashley Madekwe: Ruby Jewelry Help Her Bring the Positive Change

June is a bright sunny month to get married and Ashley Madekwe is going to tie the knot with actor Iddo Goldeberg in London this June. However, the venue of the marriage is the actress home in London and she is yet to start her shopping for the D Day, recently in an interview she said that she has the dress everything else she will put in place once she is in town. We will suggest that she should go for ruby jewelry for her wedding.

The reason for suggesting the red gem is because it is the color of love and passion as well as courage. We all know that her character on Revenge singlehandedly manages to do a lot of things. We want her to acquire the same traits in her real life and believe us ruby gemstone really helps I bringing about the same confidence in the real life.

So, just when Madekwe is going to organize the most important event of her life this gemstone jewelry will help to bring in a positive change in her life.  The reason why Madekwe has not started the preparation is because planning a wedding over such a distance is very difficult due to the time difference. That is why she has decided that she will reach London two weeks ahead of the event and make the preparation for the wedding.

Sources tell us that Madekwe and her actor beau invited 80 guests to partake in their big day, as for the honeymoon, the ABC star plans to go to Italy for a week with her husband. In March, Madekwe has said that she is really excited to become Mrs. Goldberg.

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