Latest Fashion Trends for July

Chirping birds, blooming flowers, desire for frozen yogurt and mood for beaches; these are what best describe summers of the US. With the change in weather, our tastes and moods change as well and are best showcased in our outfit and accessory choices. We tend to shed those heavy layers of clothing and feel playful in light and natural dressing.

We are already at the end of June and soon entering July; ready to face scorching sun overhead, but, in a stylish way. Talking along the same lines, let’s discuss the latest trends that will rule the fashion world this summer.

Floral Skirts:

floral skirts

Long or small, whatever is the length of the skirt, floral prints are in. The fresh and soothing feelings that the flowers give, are impeccable and unusual. Though printed ones will give the most comfort, yet personal choice is to pick an embroidered one as well.

Imprinted Bags:

neonbagsGone are the chilly winter days when everything in black seems fashionable and warm. This is the time to get drenched in rainbow colors. Choose bags in any shape, but don’t forget to look chic and crisp with natural colors. Grab yourself some bags which showcase the imprinted beauty. A splash of vibrant colors will furnish an instant make-over to your personality.

Radiant Jewelry:

Ruby Jewelry

Big and bold or sleek and sophisticated, the choice is yours; but the summer jewelry should definitely showcase rejuvenating freshness. Diamonds, aquamarines, emeralds are the top choices. Ruby jewelry is prominent for summers and is acclaimed across the globe as it is also the birthstone of July. Ruby rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches etc. make a perfect summer accessory and also the best gift for the July born.

Vibrant Scarves:


Jeans, skirts, trousers, shorts or pajamas; whatever your dress style is, a scarf will always complement and compliment it. Drape it on hair or adorn around the neck, it won’t fail to add an element of sophistication to your personality. The ones dyed in vibrant hues will be further elegance.

We hope we’ve helped you re-design your summer wardrobe. Do you have some more interesting ideas to reform the summer style statement? Share with us your views; we will look forward to hearing from you.

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