Radiant Ruby Jewelry Set

Gone are the days, when just the diamonds were prominent choice, when it came to adorning women. These days, the charm of colored gemstones leave us mesmerized and we look forward to wearing some unique and innovative pieces of jewelry. This way, we not only feel good, but also the jewelry makes us stand out of the crowd.

Radiant Ruby Jewelry Set

One of the most sought after colored gemstones is ruby. Its fiery red color and forever sparkle have left us awe-struck. Not only us, but also the celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie etc. showcase their love for ruby time and again.

Talking along the same lines, let’s discuss a set of ruby ring, earrings and pendant, which is sufficient to adorn you in the desired manner.

Ruby Ring

Ruby And Diamond Halo Ring

This ring is specially designed for the women who love Lady Diana’s e-ring design, but dream to have it in ruby. The oval shaped center ruby captures all the attention and the halo of forever-brilliant diamonds furnish additional sparkle. Prong setting ensures safety and beautifies the ring further.

Ruby Pendant:

Heart Shaped Ruby Pendant

‘A heart for your heart’; when it comes to presenting her a love soaked gift, nothing will beat the charm and glamour of this pendant. Red color and heart shape symbolize love and the diamond halo speaks of its longevity. A chain that comes free with the pendant is an additional reason to smile. The metal of the chin is same as what you choose for the pendant.

Ruby Earrings:

Ruby Earrings

When you desire to look your best, these earrings are hard to miss. The mind-boggling combination of rubies and round diamonds render a classy and designer looks. The little dangle and oscillation will jazz you up.

Did you like the above-mentioned jewelry? If yes, then let’s tell you that these are just the glimpses of the innovative designer ruby jewelry. Check out here to explore the large collection and quench your thirst for dream ruby jewelry.

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