Red is the color of Rubies

The red hue of a fresh rose can fill romance in any heart. This romance is also sprinkled around with the gemstone Ruby. This red colored gemstone has ruled the hearts of people since times immemorial.

Heart Ruby Solitaire Pendant

Though the people as British Royals, Hollywood actresses and commoners have loved rubies alike, but Queen Elizabeth creates a special niche for herself amongst all these. She possessed some of the fine pieces of ruby gemstone studded jewelry. Let’s have a look at some of them-

· Burmese Ruby Tiara– Queen was very fond of this tiara and she often wore it for many important events. This piece of jewelry is very unique and is in the form of a wreath of beautiful red roses. The tiara is known as the Burmese Ruby Tiara and the roses here are made of rubies and gold and the petals are made of white diamonds and silver. The ideal use of rubies and diamonds give a striking effect to this tiara. The metals gold and silver used together create a beautiful effect. This majestic tiara has 96 Burmese rubies studded in it. These rubies were gift from the people of Burma to the Queen on her wedding.

Burmese Ruby Tiara

· Bandeau Necklace– Queen’s parents’ bought this Victorian style necklace to present her on the day of her wedding. It is a V shaped necklace which ends with pear shaped diamond drop. The necklace has a floral concept and have diamonds and rubies studded in it.

Bandeau Necklace

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