Ruby Buying Guide

They say that ‘Burmese rubies’ are the excellent quality gems that reveal the stone’s richness in the best manner. The folklore declares that Mogok Valley in Myanmar (Burma) has been an abundant source of rubies for many centuries. Some of the finest red gems were imported from this region.

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However, now it is not possible to trade in a large number of these reds because of their rarity and very high monetary value. Thus, they are made available from many other mines across the world, namely Thailand, China, India, etc. This makes it significant for you as a user to be wakeful about the ruby jewels you purchase. Here are some pointers to take care before you foot the bill in buying the dearest bling of your life.


Color of ruby gemstone

All the precious gemstones are revered for the deepness of their color. When it comes to ruby, it is the ‘pigeon blood red hue’ that is ferret out. This is the most vivid color, which is neither too dark nor too light. In many places, people confuse others by wearing a pinkish red gem and claiming that it’s a natural ruby. But, to be prudent enough, you should not know that it is the florescent red of a traffic light that exhibits the real passion of the gemstone.


Clarity of Ruby Gemstone

If you explore more, you will find that even the natural breed of this gem consists of inclusions and impurities in color. Rubies should be looked for a fine red silky appearance. The silk, in case of rubies, is referred to the natural imperfections it has. So, you can surely afford to pick a precious red bling with a decent number of inclusions as they enhance the value of it.


Ruby is even costlier than a diamond, varying in terms of its natural available form and size. The perfect the red, the expensive it becomes. Sometimes, the desire for this gem jewelry is the highest when compared with other precious stones. Less expensive gemstones in this blood red color are generally fake and not clean. So, don’t fall into a trap when any store is ready to sell the dazzling red jewels at a cheap price; just spend the accepted amount to own a real bling.

Price of the ruby jewelry

All in all, make an intense investment, just like the color, lucidity, and financial value of the ruby gems.


  • February 16, 2015


    Ridiculous pricing range! 169-6000 usd; very accurate! How on earth are we supposed to understand the real value??
    Well done guys!

  • February 19, 2015


    It isn’t like this Richard. The price range is mentioned according to varying factors as and how the customer chooses to personalize the product. In fact, mentioning such a price variation is prolific to cater the needs and wants of all kinds of customers. If you click on the product, you will see numerous options to personalize it as per your budget. For instance, you can choose the metal type to be ‘silver,’ stone quality to ‘better,’ carat weight to ‘1.20 carats,’ you will see the value as $489, which lies between $169-$6000. Thus, you can customize your ruby studs as per your requirements. Click here to know it better.

  • February 21, 2015


    Ok noted with thanks

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